(Hey thats me!) Hi! I’m the face behind BADCO. I live in the heart of downtown Brunswick, Md, the Pearl of the Potomac as some would say……….. please don’t stalk me.


Once upon a time I dreamed of hiking volcanos and spending my days with rocks. Creating art is pretty much the same thing… only without the rocks.. and lava… and outside. *sob* But I digress. 

Let's talk about Life.

I married my best friend Gary (sappy alert). We had a few kids. Life is messy so why not toss making the best damn BAD goods into the mix? What’s the worst that could happen? I mean its already like trying to heard cats in here, so why not. 

In our house we believe in leaning into the weird, being one with one’s truest self, whatever that looks like. So to keep things on the level, we homeschool.  Spending loads of time outside exploring this beautiful area we call home is one of the perks. You may have even seen one of my kiddos on their way to the river, or coming back from a bike ride on the towpath. Being outside in nature is such an important part of our lives these days and we are truly lucky to live in the middle of a hotbed of nature.

 And that pretty much brings you up to speed.



 What’s in a name one may ask? It all started out as a casual joke, a nod to where we live. Trying to carve out a little bit of beauty to fill in our own slice of paradise. The Brunswick Arts District has been whispered and yelled on the lips of our family and friends for nearly a decade. When I decided to finally sit down and get serious about my love for creating, I knew there was only one name for the goods we make. The very amazing BAD goods that I make. Hence the Brunswick Arts District Company was born… aka BADCO.

What qualifies me to make such BAD goods? Nothing. Just a lifetime of tinkering with various media. Moving from one thing to the next, and sometimes combining them to make something new. 


In a past life I was exclusively a hand weaver. I dyed and wove all sorts of glorious fabric. These days I have branched out and make all sorts goods. Some funny, some sad, all handmade right here in Brunswick.

So now we’re all caught up. I love to create art. and I hope you love to buy it. 

Contact me

If you would like to commission Chaos Theory Weaving to produce a hand woven wrap for you or if you have any questions, comments, or just feel like reaching out, contact me now!