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‘92 Tracksuit

Originally this yarn was going to be named after this raggedy favorite t-shirt of mine, well not the t-shirt, but what was on it. What was on it you ask? I’m getting to it. Buckle up kids, this one drags on a bit.... You know the t-shirt, the one that makes your spouse groan and question its scrutural integrity each and every time it leaves the drawer just because that hole in the front continues to expand.....? Well we all have one, or two, or three... sorry Gary. XOXO. Anywho mine is this sunblock brand. The ones with the neon goop you rubbed on your nose? Available in all the rage neon colors and don’t forget about white?!? (Almost done, I promise) Well I was going to name it after that sunblock brand, but then that very spouse sighed extra long at that name. So I named it ‘92 Tracksuit instead. Which was his idea. The end.