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#iweavewhatiwant scarf 1.0

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Dirty Details: The very first in a long line of #iweavewhatiwant items. Sometimes there will be rhyme or reason. Sometimes there will not be. This is me weaving stuff for myself with zero apologies.

Size: 1.4 meters in length, 1.6 meters with fringe. 11.5” wide

Color: Mostly Grey, blue, purple, black, oh... and some SPARKLE!

Material: Kitchen sink warp. Mostly Blue Faced Leicester wool, sparkle wool/silk, and silk noil. The weft is a doubled up grey Blue Faced Leicester and sparkle wool/silk. It also has some funky puffs of hand spun wool inlays throughout the length. This cozy chunky woven scarf is finished with extra long twisted fringe.

Care Instructions: I strongly encourage you to hand wash and hang/lay flat to dry all your Chaos. Please Hand wash in cold or tepid water. Do not wring out. No bleach, no fabric softener. Add a tiny tiny splash of white vinegar to the rinse water if you’re feeling saucy. This helps silk return silk to the slightly acidic lifestyle it has grown to enjoy. Once it is rinsed do your best to squeeze the excess water out and then roll up in a towel and gently press the water out. After this please hang or lay flat to dry.

After washing you may notice it has scrunched up some, or became wrinkly, or slightly stiff feeling. DO NOT PANIC. A good steam ironing to be exact. Set the machine to the proper heat setting and go at it. If you do not possess an iron then do not fret. Sit on your scarf, sleep with it, sit on it while you drive somewhere. This will naturally soften up the fibers and loosen them again without the need of an iron. If you are ever unsure how to properly care for your Chaos then please contact me

Shipping expectations and timeline. Once an item is paid for, your order will be carefully packaged and shipped out within 5 business days by yours truly. If there is any delay in shipment you will be contacted. We are a one woman run business and sometimes things come up, life, vacation, sickness, herding kids, etc.

All Chaos textiles are 100% handwoven, handmade, hand crafted by yours truly in house. Although I do try to minimize things such as weavers knots, and other repairs, they may be present. They will never affect the function of the textile and are only left if a repair will be more visually invasive, which happens with hand dyed yarn.

All my photos are taken in the best lighting that I have at that particular time. I live in a 100+ year old house and there is a 15 minute window of decent natural light if the sun cooperates. The only editing I do on photos is to correct the horrible white balance of my cave of a house and to portray the goods as true to real life as possible.

Huzzah! For making to the end. Always remember to embrace the Chaos.

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